Colin Varndell is a Dorset based natural history photographer best known for his evocative images of animals, birds, insects, wild flowers and landscapes. His work is reproduced nationally and internationally in books, magazines, calendars, cards, newspapers and is regularly used for advertising purposes. In addition to natural history, Colin delights in photographing gardens, applying the same distinctive style, which he uses in all his work. He has won many categories in the International Garden Photographer of the Year competition, and has also won awards four times in the prestigious International Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition. Colin’s photographs have been reproduced in over forty books and are used regularly to promote the work of many conservation organisations. Colin’s work is also represented by several international picture agencies including The Science Picture Library, Nature Picture Library, Alamy, Shutterstock and Getty Pictures. The photographs displayed here are only a small fraction of the whole collection. If you are interested in purchasing images for reproduction, or seeing further examples, please contact Colin or Susy on this link:

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